Something Wild

There is something wild
like a red flower opening in the night.
There is something turning inside out
slowly and yet fast
like the blowing of a pink bubble gum balloon as you walk
away from a cheating lover

There is something wild –
– you can’t see it, but it’s here
and that’s what keeps you alive.
Thanks to it, you see something else, not a tree
not a moon, not an elephant,
not a tree growing from the moon eating an elephant
but something else that the tree, the elephant, you and the moon
share in secret
something hidden
that holds the moon up in the sky
and the elephant up in the moon
and you riding the elephant
something very slow like a kiss
and yet fast, like the happiness of the line becoming a circle
something turning your inside out
that makes you really high
and really wild.

Adina Dabija

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