Raspunsuri pe ritm de Apocalyptica

O leapsa primita pe mail si care circula  de ceva vreme si pe Facebook. Suna cam asa:

„Folosind numele cantecelor unui singur artist (sau unei singure trupe) raspundeti la intrebarile de mai jos. Nu aveti voie sa repetati cantecele!”Apocalyptica

Pick Your Artist:      Apocalyptica
Are you a male or female?     Angel
Describe Yourself :      Dreamer
How do you feel?     En Vie
Describe where you currently live:       Somewhere Around Nothing
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?     Faraway
Your favorite form of transportation:     Beyond Time
Your best friend?   Grace
You and your best friend are:   One
What’s the weather like? I Don’t Care
Favorite time of day:    Oh Holy Night
If your life was a TV show what would it be called?   Life Burns
What is life to you?     Memories
Your relationship: Romance
Your fear:    Repressed
What is the best advice you have to give?  Fight Fire with Fire
Thought for the day:     Last Hope
How would you like to die?     Until It Sleeps
Your soul’s present condition:     Bittersweet
Your motto:    Peace

A iesit ceva interesant zic eu. Sunt curioasa cum va fi la Salmi, Anima, Simina, Jamilla si Manon! V-am dat de lucru fetelor! 😛